What a band of misfits, miscreants, and ne’er do wells.

Big Train and the Loco Motives music is deep seated in the roots of the blues, due in part to annual pilgrimages to the cradle of the blues in the Mississippi Delta. There they hear the whispers of Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, Son House, and Bukka White as they soak up the mojo that is palatable in streets, juke joints, and graveyards.

Big Train and the Loco Motives play what they coined “Red Dirt Blues”. It’s blues flavored by the red soil of Oklahoma, but always in homage to the blues artists who came before them. They cover everything from traditional Delta Blues to Texas Boogie-Woogie, from the south side of Chicago Blues to the Jump Blues of the west coast.

They love what they do, and their fans love them loving what they do, and the band loves the fans loving them for loving what they do, and the…oh, never mind.

The gist is that Big Train and the Loco Motives love every chance to perform and it’s guaranteed that everyone who shows up in the audience will have a blast being there.